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Do homes board senior citizens only or is the home open to developmentally disabled persons as well? 

          It depends on each individual home. Some homes admit only seniors and you can           make that preference.

What is the fee schedule and what services are provided with that fee? 

          We can request a written fee schedule. This will include all services and also                     include tasks that are available for an additional fee.  Many homes have levels of             care provided. As the resident requires more care,  fees may increase.

Does the home have “awake” staff through the night? 

          It is not uncommon for residents with Dementia and Alzheimer’s to wander at                 night. For that reason, most homes have staff working through the night. Due to             the nature of each home, this is a question to ask each home.

What about Medicare/Medicaid?

          Not all of our homes accept Medicaid/Medicare. Some of the homes require that a           resident be in the home for a period of time before moving to state assistance.

Does the home allow pets? 

          Due to allergies and other factors, each home makes that determination with the             conditions of all the residents of the home.

Is there transportation available for medical appointments, or can it be arranged?

          That service can be provided through an independent carrier at an additional cost,           if the home has no means to provide it.

Is the home staff delegated to administer insulin for diabetics if the resident cannot “self-inject?

          If the home does not have a diabetic resident currently, and the home is willing to           provide that service, staff can be delegated to administer insulin.

Can the home provide specific dietary needs? 

          It would be a rare instance that the home would not be accommodating to those needs.

Senior Care

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